Monday, July 11, 2005

Kids These Days.

So here I am, at a nice Jewish camp in the Hudson valley, being the best counselor I can be. I have the oldest age group in camp, which is, unfortunately for the few religious counselors, 13. As I told Dina the other night, services are kind of slap-dash because all the counslors are doing their jobs during tfillot, and only a few get the chance to do the whole bit. Oh well. Anyway, back to the point of the story.

The first couple to spring up in camp got together on the 2nd or 3rd day of camp. It was really cute, it was a girl who had never been here before and this "ladies man" guy. Note, this camp is not a religious camp. Regardless, I remember when I went to camp here, and the most I ever did was give a girl a kiss on the lips, nothing to spectacular (unless you're shomer). These kids cannot seperate their lips. They run around camp just making out all over the place. Then this rumour started that they were behind one of the bunks, and she had her shirt off! What have happened to the youth of today!? Don't get me wrong, intimate physical contact with a boyfriend or a girlfriend is prefectly ok, but at the age of 13, and in a camp relationship? Now she thinks she's in love with him. Who are these kids?

Needless to say, the situation went from bad to worse. As rumours spread, the boyfriend (Derek) had his posse go intimidate the kid who started the rumour. In the end, one of Derek's posse strangled the poor kid who's job is loshen hara and spread the rumour. Didn't go down well. Ah camp.

In other news, I've managed to swing a few opinions are camp to the orange side. Incredible, how I always argued with Randi to the death about how pulling out is the right thing to do, and now I'm doing comlpetely the opposite. I got this one Israeli girl to give me some Gush Katif stuff. I even got to lead a little activity on Disengagement, and while I was "just giving fact", I totally gave these kids my side of the story. Now they all want to know more. I'm very excited about this, maybe the kids will finally open their eyes and stop regurgitating what their parents tell them.

Lastly, all the staff at camp love the idea of the Punks of Zion. They all think it's hilarious.

So I'm off to do some more brainwashing (mwahahaha).

-Punk Exchequer of HM Treasurey/Fraternities

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Blogger BrownsvilleGirl said...

I guess I did miss out, going to an all girls camp and all that :). Regardless, your story's so sad. They're 13. I'd kill my kid if they did that at 13 whether they were in a relationship or not.

And your orangeness is adorable.

Monday, July 11, 2005 12:13:00 PM  


Anonymous Miryam said...

you're totally right, nukes. they should start regurgitating what YOU say. Just kidding, great job on the brainwashing. can't wait until you start getting calls from angry parents. and I repeat, welcome to our side. I'll be proud to stand with you at the next rally!

Monday, July 11, 2005 1:18:00 PM  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey man nice to see ure having fun, just try not to screw up too many minds. lol yeah i wish i went to co-ed camps too.

-crazy moishele

Monday, July 11, 2005 5:34:00 PM  

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