Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays Punks!

As I was shopping for the holidays at Hallmark, I was surrounded by Chirstmas items. Everywhere they were trees and all the other trimmings that come with the 25th of December.
This reminded me of Moshe posting the other day when he made a comment on how Christmas is the predominate holiday in this country.

Christmas is great but as Adam Sandler said in his Hanukkah song, "Instead of one day of presents, we get eight crazy nights" Isn't that great? But in all seriousness, Hanukkah is supposed to celebrate the miracle of lights, where the oil miraculously lasted for eight days in the temple after the Maccbees defeated the Syrians.

So in honor of this great victory and miracle, I plan on eating as many latkes and doughnuts as I can. Whose with me?

Happy Hanukkah Punks! Have a great holiday.

"Put on your yalmulka, here comes Hanukkah
Its so much fun-akkah to celebrate Hanukkah, "
Adam Sandler, The Hanukkah Song

(Here's a list of all the Hanukkah recipies that I found on )

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Blogger Mesiach said...

I think it was the defeat of the greeks.


Saturday, December 24, 2005 7:32:00 PM  


Blogger nyc pink fashionista said...

Actually, we're both correct. It was Hellenic Syrian emprie that Judas Macccbee was up against.

I took the time to look it up.

Its Christams Eve and all I can think about is the reason for Hanukkah. Srmijc isn't it?

Saturday, December 24, 2005 9:20:00 PM  

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