Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fantastic Shabbaton

This weekend was poised to be either complete failure or a great learning weekend. It turns out it was way more than any of that.

Weekend started off in a weird way. I showed up to Brooklyn College Hillel as a complete stranger, not knowing anyone except Zev, but only from phone calls and e-mails. Turns out Zev's fience is good friends with Nedenah. So we daven Kabbalat Shabbat, and head down to dinner. Turns out a guy from my shul is at this Shabbaton, so he invites me to have dinner with his friends. It's going really well, meeting new people, having a blast, then along comes the prize of the night. I'm introduced to this person, who wants to talk business. We get talking, and talking some more, really interesting person. Oneg Shabbat comes and goes (nothing too memorable) and the night ends. I stay at this guy Gary's house, and the next morning I go to this little shul. Shacharit goes well (as well as it can on a few hours sleep). I felt like Ben, got called up to Hagbah, then starts Shabbos day.

We go to the Rabbi's house for Shabbos lunch, and this converation follows. The conversation started with what love is and the relationship between a husband and wife. It ended on that topic as well, but in the middle was a huge conversation about faith and proving HaShem's existance, it was really interesting. Then Mincah, where we thought we were 30 minutes late (turns out we were 30 minutes early) so I came up with come fantastically horrific leyning and went back for seuda shlishit. Then, another conversation (more a of a lecture) about the Jewish people and how to spread good deeds, and then it was over. I met some really good people, and for those of you who really know me, you know what kind of people I met.

It was great, and I'm really happy I went. I hope all of you can come next time. There was fantastic singing, great conversation, and beautiful women. See you all at the next Brooklyn College Shabbaton (co-sponsorder by Hunter Hillel).
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