Saturday, December 23, 2006

Zman Cheruteinu (post-finals)

Yeah i feel liberated, no more finals to screw up. And oh yeah for the rest of you in Bio 100, even if none of you will read this, that was plain out sadistic. Did the professor break up with her man or get turned down by a good looking student with moral fiber? God did i really just say that? See what being in biology has done to this ben torah :P

Anyways im free now to do a lot, which of course amounts to next to nothing...ok that just a jew complaining. In truth im sure my tzedek mission in new orleans will amount to something, and if nothing perhaps ill knock a few points off my olam haba debt, ok or add some more karma points towards nirvana, call it what you wish.

as my favorite bravehearted anti-semite once said, FREEDOM!
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