Thursday, March 31, 2005

Big Jew Mayor Ruzzin Isn't Even a Jew After All

Hrm, CBS4-Denver reports on their site that:
"A local cable talk-show host, upset over a City Council decision to stop funding community access television, fired off an e-mail to the mayor calling him "Big Jew Mayor Ruzzin."
The mayor's not Jewish, the article says. So that his statement is, "My kind of approach to these sorts of things is that by ignoring them I do not provide an opportunity to bring more attention to something that isn't worthy of attention," doesn't surprise or bother me.
I wouldn't expect him to be offended by someone using the term "Jew" with the intention of getting his attention and/or offending him. There's nothing wrong with using a regular term in a derogatory way. Like, if I were to say, "hey, woman!" to a guy if I think he's acting "sissyish" he wouldn't get offended at the usage of "woman." But I would, because I am a woman.
However, the e-mail angered council member Andy Schultheiss, who is Jewish.
"I know you're trying to shock people, the right to which I will defend even though you are offending me, my colleagues, anyone else who might stumble into this cesspool, and my relatives who were killed in the Holocaust (and especially those who survived it)," Schultheiss said in an e-mail to Scott. Both his parents escaped from Nazi Germany."
But don't worry, those of you who've started to think that Jann Scott, the local cable talk-show host, is anti-Semitic; he assures us he isn't: "It was really making fun of them. I'm not anti-Semitic. I have relatives who are Jews," Scott told the Rocky Mountain News.
Ooooooh, yeah, that explains it. Good...good one. "I have relatives who are Jews" thereby freeing me of any possible association you can draw between me and hating Jews.
I believe I've heard something similar to that before. Yes, it was something along the lines of, "how can the sign be anti-Semitic--we're Semitic!" Semantics, all. Silly, meaningless semantics.
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