Saturday, May 14, 2005

Skinny and Skinner

Newsflash! Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan discover their Jewish roots!

That's right, even girls who don't go through Jewish schools all their lives find themselves inclined toward starving themselves! Shocking, I know, but sadly true nonetheless. Once in a conversation with Michael about Jewish girls, he came up with the book title, Daughters of Zion Eat Something Because You're All Hot (or something like that). I like that title, but I think Daughters of Zion: The Disappearing Tribe is more fitting. We had 50 girls from the neighborhood (high school and older) over for a Pirkei Avot shiur Shabbos afternoon and of the 50 there were two--that's right, TWO--overweight girls. And I was one of the top five heaviest girls! A sign that O-girls are fit and healthy? I wish. But I think it's more a sign that with the insane shidduching pressures put onto girls and other pressures that I'd go into more if I weren't so worked up right now, O-girls don't eat. So as we'd say in our Hillel, totally diphthong worthy!
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