Sunday, October 09, 2005

Even My Friends Stalk Me Now!

Hi. I'm Dina, the ever stalked girl. Today's demi-stalker was from Fort Lauderdale (note to all future googlers of my name: leave a note! I know you googled me anyway. Thanks!).

Anyway, here I was minding my own business when this happened:

mo0k1e39101: Hey Dina i love your blog so much i figured this would be your screen name from the punks post
Me: hi
mo0k1e39101: how are you?
Me: doing well, how are you?
mo0k1e39101: i'm fine thank you

IM Steve with a pasting of the conversation so far:
Steve: weird
Me: I know!
Me: that's not even my sn on Punks, so this is def. a friend making a joke

Me: so, who is this?
mo0k1e39101: my name is pat
Me: hi Pat

Steve: probably
Steve: ask him if he's talking about the post like 3 months ago when u got this thing
Steve: remember that game the name of ure band
Me: that was on
blog, not punks!

mo0k1e39101: what r u up to?
Me: relaxing
Me: what're you up to?
mo0k1e39101: same here lol
Me: so, wait, how did you find my sn?
mo0k1e39101: what about me?
Me: pardon?
mo0k1e39101: really?
Me: Pat, I'm just curious to know how you found my sn
mo0k1e39101: im not that interesting, lol
mo0k1e39101: -:p
Me: sweetheart, you are not addressing my question
mo0k1e39101: whats ur name again?
Me: mo0k1e39101 (9:00:22 PM): Hey Dina i love your blog so much i figured this would be your screen name from the punks post
Me: you wrote that
mo0k1e39101: i dunno where i got ure sn, u were just on my buddy list... strange
Me: no, you know my name and you know my blog, so my name didn't just show up on your buddylist, right?
Me: so I'm just curious to know how you found it, that's all
mo0k1e39101: a friend told me
Me: oh, okay
mo0k1e39101: cool
Me: what school do you go to, Pat?
mo0k1e39101: I dunno about that one
Me: do you not go to school?

Steve: weird where is he from?
Me: don't even know
Me: it's someone's friend
Me: they must've told them to pretend to stalk me or something :-)

mo0k1e39101: me? no
Me: do you work somewhere?
mo0k1e39101: ahh... please dont talk about work lol

Me: who set this person up to do this? hahaha
Steve: give it another minute then block him

Me: hahahhahahahahahaha
Me: hahahahhaahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahaa
mo0k1e39101: yea...
Me: did someone ask you to pretend to stalk me?
mo0k1e39101: me? no
Me: okay
Me: so, Pat, do you have a blog, too?
mo0k1e39101: it IS o,k ha
Me: Pat?
mo0k1e39101: ;-)
mo0k1e39101: You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now! GET EVEN! Have the bot prank all your friends by visiting imprank.ebaumsworld(dot)com

I am just too smart. And the person behind the "computer?" Steve.

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Blogger The Nucular Jew said...

I've done that to soooo many of my friends. It's hilarious

Nice job, Steve

Monday, October 10, 2005 10:58:00 AM  

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