Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I Know How to Eat!

There was a Hillel event this afternoon, so hero sandwiches were provided. Luckily (because I don't eat meat), I had a pita and tomato left over from my lunch yesterday.

2:00pm: Whole wheat pita stuffed with pickles and cole slaw (and mustard)
2:45pm: Half of a huge tomato with sea salt

Then, Doni and Ben and I went for ice cream (just for me--they were fleishig).

3:15pm: Chocolate ice cream
5:00pm: My stomach starts grumbling
5:30pm: Hunger pains set in
6:00pm: String cheese (by this point, I was home)
6:27pm: Hunger pains return

I used to have a normal appetite. Now, it's more like the appetite of a pregnant woman. I am going to go contemplate this over a hot cocoa and package of wafers or a hot cocoa and bowl of Life cereal or something along those lines...
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