Saturday, October 01, 2005

Shanah Toavah from the Holyland

So yeah, its me again, thought you could get rid of me didn't you? Well I'm back and holier than ever. well, sort of anyways, perhaps just wierder.....

The truth is that I would've posted earlier had it not been for the fact that my yeshiva has the worlds most annoying internet filter; thus far unhackable. In other words I only have access to a specified email address and a few select sites, none of which is

I have so much to say that I dont really know where to begin. In general though, so far so good. I get along fine with my roomates and all. The schedule is definitly tough especially coming from hunter college with all its free time. Shuir starts @ roughly 9 am and ends at 10 pm, with a few breaks in between. I'm learning three gemaras, not that I know what theyre called or anything, lol, jk. (2 b'iyun 1 b'kios) I am slowly picking up the material, gemara shuir is becoming interesting for sure, especially when I'm awake which hasnt been too often lately. I hate slichos, especially at 12:30 in the evening, it kinda shortens my sleep.

As for the gashmius, its pretty decent. We went on a tiyul to the Golan a few weeks ago, ever hold on to a thorn bush for dear life? Last week we had a shabbatone in the old city of Jerusalem. In truth this shabbatone requires a whole post in its own right, so im only gonna mention the highlights. We went to the kotel katan for kabbalat shabbat, where i think i took part in the most uplifting davening of my life. it was really something, we sang smack in the middle of the decrepit muslim quarter (nothing against muslims, buts its really dirty in that part). While dancing our way out of the muslim quarter i saw about ten of those heavily armed riot police running in the opposite direction from us. As I later heard from a friend (whom i have no choice but to believe), as soon as we left an old man was thrown out of the kotel katan area by a bunch of angry inhabitants. Supposedly some of the inhabitants were to trying to sleep at 7:30 in the evening. I dont really know what happened afterwards, but at least we didnt make front page headlines. As for more detalis on this interesting shabbat stay tuned for my next report from the holy land.

For those of you worried, I haven't flipped yet and I still do shower, at least for now.

Shana Tova to All

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Blogger BrownsvilleGirl said...

Aw! I miss both the Golan and the Old City. Can't wait to visit this winter...

Saturday, October 01, 2005 9:00:00 PM  

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