Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Close Encounters: Part II

As promised there has been a slightly less violent sequel to my first close encounter with the arsem specie.

Saturday night, a few hours before our scheduled departure for the semi-holy city of Eilat, a fight once again broke out on the 155 bus, between yeshiva guys from my school and the same punks from our neighborhood. After a short scuffle on the bus which largely involved non-violent yeshiva tactics and a few arsem headbutts the SOS was sent to the yeshiva which sent us racing to the bus stop once again. A whole army of us sweatshirt wearing, boxer clad, chain wielding and brick carrying yeshiva guys showed up at the bus stop. Give or take about 50 of us showed up, along with the madrichim (an Amona veteran) and a few of our tzaddikim/rabbis-in-training even came in the even that someone needed their last rites performed.

As the bus pulled up some of us climbed on to the roof of the bus stop, others burned tires while chanting "G-d is great, kill the infidels" (that didnt really happen). I suppose we wanted a little Arsem blood for those Hamantaschen (And you thought Muhammed's cartoons were in bad taste). When the bus pulled up we surrounded it and in good Middle Eastern style began pelting it with rocks .... Ok never mind that, actually our friends got off and the Arsemians seeing that they were our numbered about 5:1 decieded to call for a Hudna and perhaps live to fight another day. Fair to say it was slightly disappointing, I guess theres always next time.

After another night of violent fratricidal inter-Jewish warfare under our belts we all boarded the coach buses and headed to our Eilat tiyul....
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