Sunday, September 18, 2005

I Am a Member of the Road Crew!

Once upon a time, I signed up to be an official member of the Allman Brothers fan club. Since then, I've spoken to Gregg Allman on the phone, met him in person (warning: this is a terribly frightening picture), and seen the band in concert a number of times (including the GREATEST performance of all time). But today I have freakishly amazing news.

I have become a three-star Peach Corps Road Crew member!!! If I refer another 100 persons, I can make it to Peach Corps Crew Chief. And were I to refer 1,000 persons to the site, I can make it to Peach Corps Road Manager status! Imagine that! Okay, I think I will go fantasize about this before falling asleep to guarantee happy dreams. :)

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