Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hunter is Taking Over

It's official that Hunter is taking over my life.

I left school today and turned onto 3rd to head uptown. At about 70-something, the woman I had on the phone from 311 (coolest ever--they say "Thank you for calling New York City!" :)) didn't know if they were doing construction on the 3rd Avenue Bridge, so I decided to go the safe way and cross over to the West Side. Driving down 79th, I was bored and glanced to my right. There was a big building with a sign that read "Hunter College School of Social" "-ism," my mind filled in. It was "Work." But still.

As if that's nothing, Hunter decided to stick itself in my face yet again. I was driving up Park this time when the thought, "perhaps instead of turning down 96th today, I should turn down 95th." I moved into that awkward area of Park and waited for the light to change. And again, right before me was Hunter College (High School).

Coincidence? I think not.
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