Monday, November 21, 2005

Who Wants to Marry a Jewish Girl, Anyway?

Recently, I went to see "Jewtopia" for $15 with 20-something other Hunter Jews with tickets sponsored by the Russian Jewish Club. And it was funny. As a matter of fact, there were some parts that were very, very funny. But there was something about it that bothered me that I couldn't put my finger on until a couple of days later.

They hit most Jewish stereotypes: the bossy, nosy Jewish mother, the perverted old Jewish man, the neurotic Jewish guy, the Jewish guy with the good job, the JAPy girl, the psycho-hippie girl, etc. However, most of the stereotypes were redeemed by the time the play was over. But the one person who was hit by stereotypes from every angle and not redeemed at all? The Jewish woman. Even the part where she was desirable (by the goy, of course) it was so that he wouldn't ever have to make another decision.

And here I go about to spoil the end: Neither of the guys end up marrying a Jewish girl.

Um, hello?

Where were the intelligent, well-kempt, selfless Jewish girls I went to high school with? Where were the accomplished Jewish girls I know who spent their time in school organizing fund-raisers in the few hours they had between studying for classes? Or what about the Jewish girls I know who organize series of speakers in their homes for other girls to come hear so that they don't have to feel deprived now that they're in secular schools or work places? The Jewish girls who devote their free time to teaching others, who clean their closets every season to donate their clothes to the less fortunate, who volunteer their Shabbatot to help out at Shabbatonim...where were they? Well, where?

All I have to say is that as entertainingly funny as "Jewtopia" was, it seemed like it was just a manifestation of the two writers' justifications for why they shouldn't have to marry a Jewish girl. And you know what? I don't find that entertaining at all.

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Anonymous gaun with the wind said...

and the jewish porn movie "debbie does nothing."

that was actually a joke told to me by a nice jewish boy.

Monday, November 21, 2005 1:25:00 PM  

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