Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
by Dina

My summer vacation ended at precisely 5:45 today when my Math 100 class began. My teacher talked some, wrote a lot, bored me some, and talked s'more. I, of course, dazed out, and made myself a little list of the things I did over my vacation.
1. Made chulent.
2. Had a chulent party.
3. Had a picnic in Central Park.
4. Watched the Disney movie Hercules with Miryam.
5. Shopped for tops.
6. Bar-be-qued with family and family friends.
7. Learned.
8. Tanned.
9. Shopped for tops with Mir.
10. Baked cookies for Doni (it was his birthday).
11. Tanned.
12. Got a manicure.
I do have to say that for about five days of vacation, I did get a lot in there. For the rest of the summer, I have classes. Here's how I would like to spend my summer vacation:

Give me a smoothie, a book, some grass (no, not that kind), and lots of sun, and I'd call that a fun vacation.

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