Sunday, June 12, 2005

It's Back!

Another sign of the impending messiah, no not the secular one. I guess it takes a Jew to put the milk and honey back in the picture.

After 2,000 Years, a Seed From Ancient Judea Sprouts

JERUSALEM, June 11 - Israeli doctors and scientists have succeeded in germinating a date seed nearly 2,000 years old.

The seed, nicknamed Methuselah, was taken from an excavation at Masada, the cliff fortress where, in A.D. 73, 960 Jewish zealots died by their own hand, rather than surrender to a Roman assault. The point is to find out what was so exceptional about the original date palm of Judea, much praised in the Bible and the Koran for its shade, food, beauty and medicinal qualities, but long ago destroyed by the crusaders....

Lotus seeds of about 1,200 years of age have been sprouted in China, and after the Nazis bombed London's Natural History Museum in World War II and a lot of water was used to put out the fire, seeds of 500 years of age also germinated....

In the time of Pliny, forests of date palms covered the area from Lake Galilee to the Dead Sea and made Jericho famous; a date palm features on ancient coinage, as it does on the current Israeli 10-shekel coin.

The date palm symbolized ancient Israel; the honey of "the land of milk and honey" came from the date. It is praised as a tonic to increase longevity, as a laxative, as a cure for infections and as an aphrodisiac, Dr. Sallon said. But the dates of Judea were destroyed before the Middle Ages, and what dates Israel grows now were imported in the 1950's and 60's from California and originated elsewhere in the Middle East.

The Prophet Muhammad considered the date of great importance for medicine, food, construction and income, and it is described in the Koran as a "symbol of goodness" associated with heaven.

The Honey is coming back!

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Anonymous Merv the Perv said...

now all we need are well-endowed O-girls to provide the "milk" part ;-)

Sunday, June 12, 2005 3:15:00 PM  


Blogger BrownsvilleGirl said...

You do know that the milk is not human milk, right? Merv? Hello--are you getting it???

Sunday, June 12, 2005 5:37:00 PM  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what r u talking about dina?


Sunday, June 12, 2005 7:02:00 PM  


Blogger Mesiach said...

dina you are so not in my sanhedron!!!!! do not start I WILL BE THE SECULAR nose itches...damn it!

Sunday, June 12, 2005 8:21:00 PM  


Blogger BrownsvilleGirl said...

The milk referred to is that of cows and goats, flashed. As the Ramban says, places with healthy conditions like good grass, air, etc., will help breed healthy animals who will then be overflowing with milk.
Yeah, I know, I'm smart. :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 1:40:00 AM  

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