Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Holy Snow! (I'm crossing my fingers)

With family's gathered around their hooka-thingies and hot shwarma, the question of the hour is, can the Jewish State survive an invasion of little white flakes? Israeli weather forcasters and other false-prophets are calling for accumulating snow tonight. Although this is probably the third time they've called for some kind of snow this year, being proven wrong in the Jerusalem area each time, I am kind of hoping this ones the real thing. According to the legends and myths floating around my yeshiva any accumulating snow can shutdown the entire area for a day. The Jerusalem Post is reporting that we can have up to 5 centimeters of this holy stuff (America-talk thats like 2 inches.) A plow has actually been sitting at the mall for about the past 24 hours and the kids at the Israeli high school here have been sent home for the weekend (being that weekends start on fridays its not that big a deal). Ever try and make a snow-Chassid? I've always wondered what a kotel covered in white was like, hopefully this is the real deal. Oh and by the way, hows the snow season in New York?
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