Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh, Those Yeshiva Boys...Always Up to Something

I just listened to the song Fast Car in its entirety for the first time ever. Why you ask? Because it's boring and I don't enjoy tunes that are so repetitive they seem to hum, but I listened to it because my father sent me a link to this video and I had to see the whole thing. I'm still unsure as to whether they did this as a mockery of the song or in its honor (who knows? My brother listens to Z100, so I don't judge anyone), but either way, I'm thoroughly impressed that they cleaned their apartment so well. (The garbage needs to be taken out in two shots and the door closed in another, but I can look past that.) For those with no patience to sit through the song, skip to 02:06 and 03:08 for some synchronized Yeshiva boys* dancing.

Edit: Wow. Well, um. After posting this, I wondered what else would come up in Google video under a search for Yeshiva University and found this. Three minutes and fifty-seven seconds of laughter later, I am telling you to check it out now. And if you didn't see the classic it's parodying, you're probably not even Jewish.

*And by "Yeshiva boys," I mean boys from Yeshiva University.
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