Friday, July 08, 2005

Holyland Hello From Crazy Moishele

Well crazy moishele has finally made his pilgrimage to the Naot shoe factory and in the process seen most of the holy land, aka israelestine, aka occupied kush katif-estine (actually i havent been there yet), aka old british mandate of Palestine, aka Medinat Yisrael, aka Haaretz, aka Israel. Well so it really wasnt a pilgrimage to Planet Naot or Gush Katif, it was NCSY Birthright Israel, and to even begin to discribe all the fun things involved would take a few pages, or many computer lines. How does this sound, it was AMAZING!! The only question is wether or not I get allah-credits in this case. why does mecca have to be so far away??

I even had a drink or two, well only two drinks. does that make me a smirinoff ice-aholic? theyre the best! on the last night i was kinda hyper and stuff (who wouldnt be after hanging on the beaches of tel-aviv?), and having fun when i decided to practise my field goal kicking with a coca cola bottle, and well we were on teh 11th floor with no screens in our windows. lets say i managed to get it through the uprights to the amazment of my roomates. I think that was the closest thing ive ever done to doing something "while under the influence" except for falling asleep. I mean like one of my friends told me that I would be drunk the whole time, I guess that prediction was wrong for me, but seriously half of my group was literally shikur for the whole entire trip. I mean like once a couple of us were hanging with a hot female counselor in a our 3rd floor room in the novotel hotel in jerusalem. and below on the second floor there was a patio. A bunch of kids were down there partying and hanging out. well two of them took off their shirts and started swinging them. And then another guy who mustve been at least partially drunk literally climbed into our window from teh floor below. safe to say that it was probably one of the most hysterical things that happened on the trip, aside from me kicking soda bottles.

So up until now i havent actually said anything about the trip itself, and guess what, i dont intend to. Well maybe ill write more if im bored. I hope i speak to some of you guys soon, the whole time zone difference is a real problem.

If i dont, shabbat shalom from petach tikva, israel.
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