Sunday, March 19, 2006

Swastika Shmasticka!!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a swastika on an elevator door. I didn't think to much of it partially 'cuz I'm from Baldwin, NY therefore used to this crap. Since then, I've been asked about it plenty of times and I got a mass email from the Hunter president about it.
OK, I just want to let out some steam about this whole

I used to go to a high school, where we used to find this sh_t on the walls all the time. One time I walked out my front door to find swastikas spraypainted on a fence across the street from my house. A few days later I watched with quiet rage as I watched as the owner had to slowly scrub the horrid graffiti off his own fence. This year the town menorah was vandalized...for the second year in a row.

Yet I don't believe that neo-nazism is a problem in Baldwin, for one simple reason.

These stupid Punks stay hidden.

That's not to say that we don't know who they are. There was this kid in my high school class Gerald Lang (thats right I said his name) who everbody was pretty sure was a Neo- Nazi. This is judging from the way he dressed, and fired guns at hispanic people.

Back to the point. They hide in the shadows and come out when noone is looking, scribble an antient symbol they don't understand and then scurry back under whatever rock they came from. They are not a threat.

However, if you spend all your time in meetings and conferences exchanging emails and press releases denouncing them. They are given strength. These D_____bags are validated by any organized movement to do something about it.

In my opinon, the best reaction was of the old man who saw the swastika at the same time as me. I'll repeat it.

He saw the swastika, said

"Oh my g-d... that swastika is backwards what an asshole!"

laughed and walked away. He was a smart guy.

Of course, this is not to say that you ignore them all together. Document the occurences, keep on the look out. Until they actually do anything illegal or dangerous such as attacking another student, there is nothing you can do; and anything you do will only add to the problem.

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Blogger Zohguy_Saiyajin said...

It is pretty impressive that there still people dumb enough to support ideas of nazism.
Today I saw at the television a show where a King from an Etiopian tribe said good-bye to the reporter with these words: "We all have five fingers, two hands, two eyes, two ears and one stomach. Don't forget about me."
And he shall not be forgotten.
Nobody is the same. Two white people are not equal. Two black people are not equal. But or differences doesn't go as far as we can't live togheter in peace. Remove our skin and all the sh1t that is throw in our heads by stupid politics and we are all exactly the same.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 6:05:00 PM  

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