Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Food of the Day!

My family made a bar-be-que last night for family friends. To insure that I'd have something to eat, I made myself a baked salmon, onions, olives, half-sour pickles, tomatoes, strawberries, and artichoke hearts salad with a chummus and olive brine dressing. It was pretty good, but my father made a couple of shishkabobs with just vegetables for me, so I didn't really need my salad.
This afternoon, I opened the fridge, took my salad out, mixed it a bit, and tasted it. I don't know if it was because everything marinated in olive brine and chummus overnight, but it was AMAZING! so, today's food is

(of baked salmon, onions, olives, half-sour pickles, tomatoes, strawberries, and artichoke hearts with a chummus and olive brine dressing)

Really good!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Hottest Punks Ever

It's official. The Punks of Zion are the hottest punks ever. Well, okay, maybe we're not the hottest, but we are on the first page of the hottest punks ever!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Pirkei Avot, Perek Daled

I was looking through this beautiful Pirkei Avot we have at home (Ethics from Sinai: A Wide-Ranging Commentary on Pirkei Avos) by Irving M. Bunim, and after reading the first mishnah of the Perek Daled, I found this really nice, short thing, so here:

The Mishnah starts out: Ben Zoma said: Who is wise? -- one who learns from every person.

On this, R'Bunim says, "The essential point of Ben Zoma's observation is that ultimately wisdom is not any one fixed body of knowledge, some definite thing that can be possessed once and for all. It is not a substance which , once you have enough of it, qualifies you to be called wise. Wisdom is rather a kind of activity, an approach to life, a way of life. It you would be wise, you must learn to act wisely, especially in your relationships with others. You must develop and retain the ability to learn from others, to add something to your own personality as a result of each experience. Hence, wisdom is not a permanent quality, to lock away and retain in treasure-vaults of the mind. The day a person stops acting wisely, to acquire wisdom, he is no longer wise." Profound.

R'Bunim explains that first "we must acknoledge and accept that is can be done, that we can learn from every person." He parallels wisdom to Torah, which is compared to water. When you need water, you'll take it from anyone. It doesn't matter if the person has a lower social standing than you--you need to survive. Just like you'd take water from anyone, you'd learn Torah from anyone, and likewise, you'd take lessons from anyone you meet. That's wisdom. "Man cannot create wisdom. he must find it. Seek, and the Almighty will reward you with His blessing, and you will find. This, then, is Ben Zoma's teaching: The person who makes the effort to learn from everyone will be blessed with wisdom."

Shabbat shalom!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Daily Food

Today's food is the delicious, yet underappreciated
That's right, not oatmeal or oatmeal cookies or any other kind of cooked grain. It's oats--raw, uncooked, and dangerous. Oh, food has never been better.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Daily food

Today's food is...

Cherry Olive Salad!

Cut some cherries in half and remove pits
Add a few pitted olives
Add chummus and mix

Sfira: My Love-Hate Relationship

Why I love sfira:

Beards are mad hot.

And why I hate sfira:
I wasn't able to go to the Dylan tribute concert at BB King's for $15 and I won't be able to go see Josh Walker Saturday night. Live music, my yetzer hara.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Today's Recipe...

I'd put a picture of the actual food, but I don't want the shade of it to throw you off because today's food is...
Sweet Potato Avocado Soup!

Throw two sweet potatoes, one avocado, some parsley, some garlic, some salt, and some pepper (I didn't add bananas, but I wanted to and I suggest you try it with bananas) into a pot of boiling water. Boil. Using a hand-held blender blend ingredients. Eat and enjoy!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Today, The Amazing

There's a rack of books near the door of my library that are on sale for about $3.99 or $2.99. Just today I noticed that the library sells cd's and tapes there, too. For those of you who haven't ever been in my gorgeous, hot car, it's a 1997. As in, it only has a tape player. While I think this particular amenity is rather quaint, the lack of tapes sold nowadays can be pretty annoying. You can only imagine how ecstatic I was at the thought of tapes for a buck. So, I went to take a look. There were only two tapes. One of the two was The Allman Brothers (read: whoa)--live--in 1995 (read: Dickey Betts was still playing with them). Insane? I think so. Even more insane is that this tape has the most wickedly awesome No One to Run With I've ever heard in my entire life.


I don’t know where people come in thinking that because the period is so small, it’s alright to abuse it. There is an epidemic of Periodusagitis currently plaguing our media.

"SUV. Incognito."

Believe it or not, a huuuuuuge billboard with those two sentences used to shock me into waking up every morning before going into the Lincoln Tunnel (when I used to take the bus everyday). According to my MLA stylebook, the only periods in that sentence should be between the "S," "U," and "V" (which we don't do anymore anyway) and after the incognito. There really is no need for them to break that sentence up.

Here’s a great ad I just noticed this morning on the back of June’s Gourmet magazine.

"Your stock just went up. And split."

If you’re thinking that’s not all that bad, don’t stop reading yet.

"Solara Never work hard again. At getting noticed. With the Solora Convertible SLE’s impressive styling, leather-trimmed interior, JBL audio system and power-retractable convertible top, it’s a solid addition to an already attractive portfolio."

Dude--if you’re trying to attract "high-end" consumers, try using English. It just might work. I started reading that copy, which was at the bottom of the page, and those first two "sentences" honestly freaked me out.

"Never work hard again." "At getting noticed."

Never work hard again works. There is a subject (you) and there is a verb (work) and there are even some filler words in the verb phrase. At getting noticed makes no sense. What or who is getting noticed? I don’t know! Would it have been so difficult for them to have written, "Never work hard again at getting noticed?" Of course, their version would have a period where I have a question mark. And furthermore, if I were an English professor, and with the Solora Convertible SLE’s impressive styling, leather-trimmed interior, JBL audio system and power-retractable convertible top, it’s a solid addition to an already attractive portfolio would be handed to me in a paper, I’d probably mark a big SS for sentence structure and give the paper an F until that sentence is reworked to something more like, "the Solora Convertible SLE, with its impressive styling, leather-trimmed interior, JBL audio system and power-retractable convertible top, is a solid addition to an already attractive portfolio." I am so thankful that I don’t drive a Toyota.

Periodusagitis started spreading when advertising firms forgot how to make print ads look like print ads and not imitation television commercials. And boy. Do I hope that. We get a. Cure soon!

Food of the Day

I hate pimientos. While plain olives is yummy enough for me, I wanted to try a little...something different. So today's food is...

Raisinet-Stuffed Olives

I can't guarantee that you won't get heartburn from this briney-chocolatey-raisiny combo, but it's totally worth it!
Take a pitted Spanish olive
Take a raisinet
Stuff the raisinet into the olive
Pop into your mouth and bite down on this really strangely good treat. Have a good daay!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ancient Egypt Impale Steak Punishment


Who knew that Punks is number three in a search for ancient egypt impale steak punishment on Google?

I propose a celebration!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Daily Food

Cinnamon Chili Iced Coffee

Welcome to near heaven.

1 cup coffee
1 cup milk
bunch of ice cubes
pinch of chili pepper
lots of saigon cinnamon
(please note: Saigon Cinnamon is your best bet. Because the oil content in this kind of cinnamon is high, it is very powerful and absolutely scrumptious!)

Throw ingredients into a blender. Blend. Pour into cup. Sip. Allow heaven to overtake you. Take another sip. Allow, once again, for the cool delicacy of this drink to bliss you out. Enjoy the rest!

My existential idea

As I sit in my study (a.k.a. room with a chair and a light), smoke huka, drink a homebrew and listen to some Dylan tunes I think to myself about some quandaries which have been plaguing my mind:
“Is there any meaning to life?”
“What the hell am I doing to live a better life?”
“Where the hell are my pants? I could have sworn I put on pants this morning?”
Anyway I don’t consider myself to be much of a philosopher, I would however like at least attempt to answer some of these queries. (That word means questions, not gay sex. Don’t worry I too was shocked when I first heard that word) So I guess if I could answer these perplexing questions at once (because I’ m way too lazy to think of three different answers) I guess the answer is “no.”
No there is no meaning to life.
No we should strive for anything because we’ll just fail.
No I’m still not wearing pants.
So there you have it my loyal followers, go get drunk because when push comes to shove getting drunk off you little tushy is as noble as any aspiration we may have.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Cinnamon-Raisin Peanut Butter on English Cucumber Circles!!!

Yums and a half!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I ate breakfast (ice cream sandwich--yum) while driving to school today and my first real meal wasn't until about 9:30ish, so I apologize for not having anything really fun or new to post for today's Don't-Knock-It-Till-You-Try-It. Well, I have something, but it's not all that amazing...
Pickled Herring with Tomato Sauce

Yeah, this borders on the more boring side, but hey--it's a little late for me to think up experimental foods so it's all I've got. Also, I've been thinking about a name change for this new little feature here at Punks. How does "Kinky in the Kitchen" sound? Or how about "Mishundik Munches?" And I can be the Meal Matchmaker!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Today's Don't-Knock-It-Till-You-Try-It

Today's Daily Don't-Knock-It-Till-You-Try-It is....

Strawberries with Chocolate Peanut Butter
(or, if you're not as epicurely inclined as I am, plain peanut butter will do)
You've probably had strawberries dipped in chocolate at least 800 times in your life. Is it delicious? Oh, yeah. But cliche? I'm afraid so. So now I present you with a twist on the classic. While Chocolate Peanut Butter adds just a hint of peanut butter to the old recipe, plain ol' peanut butter does an interesting job with it. I'm not sure how much I like strawberries with just pb (maybe if I'd've had crunchy, my opinion would be different) but hey--it's not too bad.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Some blogs have Quotes of the Day, others have Inspirational Words of the Day, and so on and so forth. I would like to propose that we have a Daily Don't-Knock-It-Till-You-Try-It.

Today's Daily Don't-Knock-It-Till-You-Try-It is...
watermelon and chummus (preferably Greek Olive)
As the weather gets increasingly warmer, and the in-season fruits are changing, so should your diet. Watermelon is not only a delicious pink right now, but quite a refreshing part of a morning meal. Chummus, on the other hand, is here all year round (thank God for that!) and an essential part of the food groups (chocolate, vegetables, fruits, milk and cheese, fish and nuts, and chummus). Sounds great apart, but what is the benefit of having them together? Well, the seemless combination of sweet and salty, crunchy and smooth, and watery and creamy speak for themselves. Seriously good.

(I love how we're all posting frequently because we have finals to study for and papers to do. :))

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Old Pictures!

A little outdated, but Randy just sent me these pictures from when we went on our little hiking escapade this Chol Hamoed Pesach, so they're going up now.
Here's Moishele and Doni on the mainland across from me and Aaron who were on Wetbutt Island (although you can't really see Aaron hiding behind my during-Pesach behind

And here's me coming across the bridge Aaron and I built together. Y'know why? Because Aaron and I are cool and Doni, Moishele, and Rands are a bunch of wussies. In this picture you can see Doni's back, Aaron bending down to start across the bridge and me...showing off my yoga moves?

There's something about O-Girls

well its finals season all right, tests, papers and late night parties. Of course that is all synonymous with active procrastination, kind of like christmas and new years being synonymous with drunk driving season. so im sitting here eating pizza and stressing how im not gonna get into medical school (damn im still a freshman), and then it hits me. I have another pointless brilliant idea, basically theres something about O-Girls. yeah orthodox jewish chicks from orthodox high schools who used to be closet lesbians and still practise in shul (what else did u think they do behind that mechitza?) eat insanely little and wear real long street sweeping skirts and still manage to be the hottest things on two feet on the east coast. to quote the raging bull, aka DB Cooper, aka rabbi kahane jr from urbadictionary.com

n. An Orthodox (Jewish) girl. These chicks drive secular guys crazy because of the alluring appeal of their perceived innocence. Synonyms include dox, nash and denim skirt.
"Damn, i wish i could get some of that O-girl action!"

Ok so im plagarizing from steve, but thats ok we all do that right? Well no not really. I remember once there was a movie called Theres something about mary although i dont have a clue what its about i decided to apply that to OGirls. The only problem is that since they tend to shy away from the silver screen there has to be another way to analyze these tantalizing baby making machines. A few problems happen to arise namely that its kind of hard to get them in bed, thus their exact nature is impossible to pinpoint, and of course if you do get her in bed shes either ure wife or she has lost her ogirl status, hmm what a paradox indeed. so i decided to ask a real live bones (they dont eat enough to have flesh) and blood (hopefully not bleeding too much) OGirl to discuss the intricacies of her special status. she asked for her name to remain anonymous for fear of gaining a bad reputation and thus scare away all the Y-Boys (DB talk for yeshiva boys). of course she would still have all the secular guys whe could possibly handle (trust me she can handle a lot of them) but that would be bad publicity, as mommy always says, "its better to spread loshon hora than to be it".

for the sake of her tznius lets call her Peasach Tush. PT is a dorky ogirl who attends hunter college, knocks things over as she walks and only eats chumus. and oh yeah, her lifes goal is to have a baby. if she could have one wish it would be to perfect the art of immaculate conception and thus fulfill her dream without the risk of STD's and cooties. of course since this is impossible she tends to play hillel mother and bosses her male playthings around as if we were her own personal chew toys. She specializes in mind control and testosterone manipulation, her major is of course english, she hopes to one day be a substitute teacher at a yesihva day school so she can get up late and still refute all jap-charges.

so of course the moral of the story is do teshuva or u can forget about any frum skin and bones hottie.

oy my head doesnt work

Skinny and Skinner

Newsflash! Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan discover their Jewish roots!

That's right, even girls who don't go through Jewish schools all their lives find themselves inclined toward starving themselves! Shocking, I know, but sadly true nonetheless. Once in a conversation with Michael about Jewish girls, he came up with the book title, Daughters of Zion Eat Something Because You're All Hot (or something like that). I like that title, but I think Daughters of Zion: The Disappearing Tribe is more fitting. We had 50 girls from the neighborhood (high school and older) over for a Pirkei Avot shiur Shabbos afternoon and of the 50 there were two--that's right, TWO--overweight girls. And I was one of the top five heaviest girls! A sign that O-girls are fit and healthy? I wish. But I think it's more a sign that with the insane shidduching pressures put onto girls and other pressures that I'd go into more if I weren't so worked up right now, O-girls don't eat. So as we'd say in our Hillel, totally diphthong worthy!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Importance of Hooka

After extensive conversation with Moshe and Dina, I've decided it's time for more people to post on this beautiful thing we call the Punks of Zion blog. Firstly, because it's a nice way to keep in touch over the quick-approaching summer, and it's also a great way to get the word out about certain activities, namely, smoking hooka.

Tonight was a good night for a couple reasons. Even though hooka at NYU didn't work out (the Chabad was closed!), I had a great night. It was so much fun, I'd love to do it again with just the people who I was with tonight. Since Dina told everyone we were going out Thurs night (which we all still are, hopefully), not many people were available tonight. So, I gathered Adam DeYoung, Julie, and a friend of mine from high school. For all the males posting here, she's REALLY hot, and is currently being set up with Adam DeYoung, so haha for those who didn't show up.

Just a great night. A lot of getting to know each other, some sexual stories, some deep conversation about Sept 11th, and it was a night. Even though my friend (named Amanda, Jewish, smart, and really sweet) and Julie had work to do, we stayed out until 11:30. So, tomorrow night will hopefully be more of the same. All of us out (though, I'll admit, I'm going as Amanda's date to this party at Columbia to start the night) tomorrow night will be great. Call people, and have them bring all their friends. I want to make Sahara East the new Hunter Hillel. Are you with me?!

All the best,
His Majesty's Ex-chequer

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Central Park and Ghosts

I went to Central Park today and now I have a couple of things to say. There was this little kid walking with his mother or nanny who was wheeling a carriage along the path. The little kid ran away from the authoritative figure, across the grass, sat himself down next to the haunted flowery-bush and against the command of his boss, opened a bag of chips and started munching! Meet adorable kid.
Now, meet the haunted bush...
What are those ghostly figures doing in my pictures? I took lots of pictures today and these two are the only ones with these transparenty things floating in them. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

But Tuesday's Just as Bad

Dear eSims,

I hate you. I hate your ugly colors. I hate your inability to function when more than one person has you open. I hate your self-important disregard for us humble students who need you. And yet, I need you. Don't get me wrong--I don't want or even like you. But I do need you.
Why won't you pay attention to me? I sit here waving my hands in front of you, screaming my brains out, crying, heck, I'll even jut my chest out to get your attention. But no. You won't cave in.
So here I sit, my life in your stupid, unfeeling hands. Just watch; I'll never get a job because I won't ever graduate from college. Oh, I'll be here semester after semester, but will never be able to complete my requirements. And it's all because of you, eSims. Why don't you sit with that on your conscience?

Not love,

Monday, May 09, 2005


Randy got this crazy idea in his head that the girls in Hillel should bake for him. He called his thinly-veiled secret a "Bake-Off" and pinned all of us against each other in competition. To be honest, I didn't really care what his intention was because (as we all know) I am the best baketress in the world and I was not against proving it.
I spent about three hours in the kitchen yesterday kneading dough, spreading cinnamon/sugar mixtures, and dotting just the right number of raisins on the dough before rolling it up and cutting it into what were to become cinnamon buns.
This morning, I made the glaze and sprinkled one tin with pecans and skeajulled the glaze over both tins full of cinnamon buns. Then I took them out of the pans and placed them on plates.
I won the contest.
I mean, really, did anyone doubt my kitchen prowess?

Friday, May 06, 2005

I Want to Have a Baby

I went to Starbuck's yesterday with Mir to get coffee on our way to the bus. Nowadays, they like to give out cups with things written on them.

Does the woman who was working behind the counter know me??? The cup reads:

Do not kiss your children
so they will kiss you back
but so they will kiss their children,
and their children's children.

--Noah benShea

Sfira, Hunter Hillel Style

How we count sfira at Hunter:

(the colors are funny cause I had to play with them for the pink highlighter to look dark enough to read what it says.)

To explain what this is: Helen is the Philosophy Club treasurer. The Philosophy Club is next door to our Hillel (with adjacent air vents :)). Anyway, Helen is cool for a few reasons.
She's not even Jewish (she's Chinese) and she knows what mevushal wine is!
She hangs out with us all the time.
1) She owns more pink articles of clothing than even me!
So anyway, someone (I think Julie) made a chart to count the days Helen wears pink! You count in your ways, we'll count in ours...

Check out our Punks tees!

And our really cool MFFC:HCC tees!

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